Transport systems for mining industry

Transport beam UiK-DURALIFT-80


Transport beam UiK-DURALIFT-80 with hydraulic lifting drive is used for installation in transporting sets of suspended railways for transporting loads of weight up to 8 tons (2x40kN or 2x32kN). The set is adapted to move along suspended railway tracks and works with pulling or pushing devices of force up to 120 kN.


Maximum lifting capacity 64 lub 80 [kN]
Beam length 3510 / 3910 / 4310 [mm]
Beam width 400 [mm]
Min./max. hook spacing 810 ÷ 3010 [mm]
Design width 698 [mm]
Minimum design height 
(from rail bottom plate to hook mouth)
540 (580) [mm]
Running rail profile I 155 (I140E)
Minimum radii of curves in horizontal plane 4 [m]
in vertical plane 8 [m]
Maximum track inclination ± 30º
Maximum pulling force 120 [kN]
Applied hoist CŁH-3,2-A lub CŁH -4-A
Lifting height standard 3 (m);
above 3 [m] upon request
Maximum lifting speed
(for maximum working medium flow)
6 m/min
Maximum operating pressure 120 [bar] (for max. lifting capacity 64 [kN]
150 [bar] (for max. lifting capacity 80 [kN])
Maximum flow of operating medium 30 dm³/min
Maximum total weight 1100 [kg]