Transport systems for mining industry

Modular Transport Set MODULIFT

Belka transportowa - MODULIFT

Modular Transport Set MODULIFT with hydraulic hoisting drive is intended to be installed in transport sets of suspended railways, and to be used for hoisting and holding loads of up to 32.0 ton on a specific height.
The modular transport set is adapted to moving along driving tracks of suspended railways and works with pulling or pushing devices of a force not exceeding 120 kN.


Length of track needed for set assembly Maks. 12,7[m]
Height (min/max) 0.6[m] on request
Width (min/max) 0,65/1,8[m]
Kerb weight Max. 6550[kg]
Maximum hoisting capacity Max. 32[Mg]
Hoisting height (standard 3 m) Max. 6[m]
Hoisting speed Max. 1,5[m/min] (depending on supply pump delivery)
Maximum pulling force of a coupler l20[kN]
Maximum track inclination +/- 25[°]
Minimum track curvature radius in a plane:
- horizontal
- vertical

> 4,0[m]
> 8.0|m]
Maximum driving speed governed by superior regulations
Driving rail profile 1155 (1140) or other compatible
Chain hoist drive Hydrostatic
Type of medium Hydraulic oil L-HL 32 (L-HL46)
Filtration requirements 80[µm]
Working medium consumption (for a single chain hoist) 21 [dm3/min]
Effective operating pressure (working)
△ p=12[MPa]
Supply pressure Pmax=20[Mpa]
Hoisting capacity of chain hoist Max. 8(Mg)
Number of chain hoists Max. 4[pcs.]
Working temperature -10 do -40[°C]