Transport systems for mining industry

Personnel cabin UiK KO-8-A


Personnel cabin type UiK KO-8-A is designed for personnel transport by self-driven or rope-driven suspended railways with (maximum 8 persons in a sitting position), in underground headings of mining plants.


Cabin length with two containers for carrying small tools 3580[mm]
Cabin length 3130[mm]
Cabin width 900/1000/1100 [mm]
Cabin height 1450[mm]
Distance from the middle of coupling to rail base 200 [mm]
Cabin kerb weight depending on dimensions 830/880/920 [kg]
Number of carried persons Max. 8 persons x 100 [kg]
Total carrying capacity max. 13 [kN]
Maximum track inclination ±30°
Maximum driving speed governed by superior regulations
Minimum curve radius - 4 m (horizontal)
- 8 m (vertical)
Maximum longitudinal transmitted force 120 [kN]
Running rail profile I 155 (I140E)