Transport systems for mining industry

Personnel – sanitary cabin UiK KOS-A


Personnel – sanitary cabin type UiK KOS-A is designed for personnel transport by self-driven or rope-driven suspended railways with (maximum 8 persons in a sitting position), in underground headings of mining plants. In the event of emergency it is possible to carry one person in a horizontal position (on a stretcher) and two persons giving him first aid, after the disassembly of three benches and the backrest without the need to use any tools. The stretcher is put in and taken out through the door at the front and back of the cabin.


Cabin length with two containers for carrying small tools 3580[mm]
Cabin length 3130[mm]
Cabin width 900/1000/1100 [mm]
Cabin height 1450[mm]
Distance from the middle of coupling to rail base 200 [mm]
Cabin kerb weight depending on dimensions 830/880/920 [kg]
Number of carried persons Max. 8 persons x 100 [kg]
Number of carried persons in emergency transport max. 1 injured person on a stretcher + 2 persons giving first aid
Total carrying capacity max. 13 [kN]
Maximum track inclination ±30°
Maximum driving speed governed by superior regulations
Minimum curve radius - 4 m (horizontal)
- 8 m (vertical)
Maximum longitudinal transmitted force 120 [kN]
Running rail profile I 155 (I140E)