Kombajn chodnikowy typu EBZ200EX-UIK

Roadheader EBZ200EX-UIK is a self-propelled boom-type machine with own electrical drive. It can be used to drive coal and rock and coal headings of any shape and cross-section up to 34m2 and compression strength of rocks up to 90 MPa.

The machine can also be used for building railway and road tunnels in hydraulic engineering and others.


Item Parameter
Fixed cutting height (m) 2.4-5.2
Fixed cutting width (m) 3.7-6.5
Gradeability ±18°
Unidirectional pressure resistance of rock under permissible/economic cutting mode ≤90/70MPa
Applicable roadway characteristic of roadheader Coal and half coal roadways
Dinting depth 400 mm
Power of cutting motor 200/110kW
Speed of cutting head 46/23 [rpm]
Loading type Five-tooth star wheel
Type of conveyor Dual side chain scraper type
Speed of conveyor chain 61 m/min
Dimensions of largest non-removable part (Length × Width × Height) Body frame 3.13×1.39×1.5 m
1st conveyor front chute 4.27×0.78×0.51m
Rear support 2.47×1.5×1.4m
Traveling speed 0~8 m/min
Speed of star wheel 33 [obr/min]
Loading capacity 4 m3/min
Oil tank capacity 600 L
Departure angle 9.5°
Item Parameter
Overall dimensions Length (m) 10.6
Width (m) Width of shovel (with extension): 4.6
Width between tracks: 2.6
Width of body: 2.56
Height (m) Body height: 1.8
Highest point with horizontally arranged cutting head: 2.3
Overall weight 54 t (without additional conveyor)
Supply voltage 1000 V
Oil pump motor power 110 kW
Rated output power 310 kW
Stroke of mining section telescopic system 650 mm
Required underground water supply pressure 3-8 MPa
Ground clearance of body 180mm
Skok układu teleskopowego zespołu urabiającego 650 mm
Weight of largest non-removable part (Body frame) 6100 kg
Track width 600 mm
Duplex hydraulic pump 145/145 ml/r
Ground pressure 0.14 MPa
Approach angle 9.9°
Kombajn chodnikowy typu EBZ200EX-UIK Kombajn chodnikowy typu EBZ200EX-UIK

At the beginning of 2013 Urządzenia i Konstrukcje S.A. has become the official representative of Chinese company SANYI Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. in the European Union. (SANYI)

Its registered office is located in Shenyang, China. SANYI Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. is a part of capital group Sany Group. The company is a research institute and at the same time manufacturer of integrated systems of mining machines and equipment for hard coal mining.

Technologically advanced company SANYI Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. has Research and Development Centre that employs world’s best experts and engineers specializing in the production of mining machines. This selected and highly qualified personnel provide reliability, safety and high output of machines and devices manufactured by the company. SANY Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd also has Research and Development Centres in Bedburg, Germany and Atlanta in the United States of America.

Activity of SANYI includes mainly the production of heading machines used in coal and rock and coal headings, integrated longwall systems including scraper conveyors, powered roof supports, longwall shearers The company manufactures automatic plow systems, mining concrete pumps and various vehicles used for transport in underground mines. At the moment, machines and devices manufactured by SANY Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. are operated in over 500 mines located in China and the following countries: Australia, Iran, Russia, Ukraine, Indonesia, Laos, the Philippines, India, the Republic of South Africa.

It is also important that for three consecutive years SANYI was a leader in the Chinese market of roadheaders and that in November 2009 it had its successful debut as an international entity at the Hong-Kong Stock Exchange, as the first Chinese company manufacturing machines for mining sector.