Transport systems for mining industry

Winning car UiK WU-A


UiK WU-A winning car is intended for transportation of bulk materials, output, and rocks. Modular construction enables moving a part of the car, i.e. the platform with materials placed on it, on a suspended monorail.


Car dimensions (length, width, height) 3150/800÷1100/1260 [mm]
Container dimensions (length, width, height) 2400/800÷1100/950 [mm]
Wheel track 500÷1000 [mm]
Wheel base 1000÷1200 [mm]
Road wheel diameter 350 or 310 [mm]
Maximum load capacity of the coupling 35 [kN]
Volume 1,1 m3
Container capacity 3000 [kg]
Kerb weight 1050÷1250 [kg]