Crusher K/UiK-1



Crusher type K/UiK-1 is intended for crushing coal and rocks in order to facilitate its further transport, especially at transfer points. It is located in a heading in the route of the beam stage loader with pan widths of 750 to 1104mm. The crusher is driven by a flange electric motor with mounting in an anti-explosion version. K/UiK-1 crusher can be applied in underground mining plants in methane and non-methane in headings of “a”, “b” or “c” level of methane explosion risk, as well as “A” and “B” classes of coal dust explosion risk at methane concentration in the surrounding atmosphere not exceeding values defined in applicable regulations. The K/UiK-1 crusher can be adapted for working with any types of scraper conveyors. Such adaptation is possible due to the construction of the base with interchangeable connecting ends (intake and outlet). The crusher meets fundamental requirements for safety machines and elements according to the Directive 98/37/EC (Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 20 December 2005), as well as fundamental requirements for protection devices and systems intended for the use in areas with explosion risk according to the Directive 94/9/EC (Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 22 December 2005) as a group I, category M2 device.


Length 3610 mm
Width 1820 mm
Height from the floor 1650 mm
Width at the intake 775 mm
Height from the bottom plate to cutting pick edges 300 mm (minimal) 400 mm (mean) 500 mm (maximal)
Cutting drum rotational speed ~ 96 rpm
Tangential velocity of cutting picks Vn=4,16 m/sek
Total gear ratio of the transmission ic=15,48
Hydrodynamic coupling SH-55, SH-75 or SH-100
Electric motor power 55 ÷ 110 kW
Electric motor rotational speed 1485 rpm
Number of cutting picks in a drum 42 pcs.
Cutting drum diameter 828 mm
Types of cutting picks U47-1HD
Types of pick holders U43HXHD
Maximum crusher weight 10 metrical tons depending on the applied route, transmission and electric motor
Max. strength of the crushed material 30 Mpa