Dynamic crusher UiK KD 800 – 1200


Dynamic crusher type UiK KD 800-1200 is intended for crushing coal and rocks in order to facilitate its further transport, especially at transfer points. It is located in a heading in the route of the beam stage loader with pan widths of 750 to 1104 mm. The crusher is driven by an flange electric motor with in an anti-explosion version. It can be applied in headings with “a”, “b” or “c” level of methane explosion risk, as well as rating “A” and “B” of coal dust explosion risk at methane concentration in the surrounding atmosphere not exceeding values defined in applicable regulations.


Crusher height 1,85 m
Crusher length 4,50 m
Crusher width 1,97 m
Passage width/height at the inlet 900 ÷ 1200/908 mm
Overall dimensions of material at the inlet (width/height) 800/800 mm
Overall dimensions of material at the outlet (width/height) 200/350 mm
Passage height under the cutting picks - washer thickness (pitch) 150-310 mm; 40mm
Scraper conveyor width range 750 ÷ 1104 mm
Shaft rotational speed 475 min -1
Tangential velocity of the cutting picks v=22,6 m/s
Motor power 90-160kW
Max. strength of the crushed material 130 MPa
Flywheel effect CD2 1140 kpm2
Crusher weight 12 000 kg