Transport systems for mining industry

Locomotive - UiK-GLS150-A


Diesel locomotive for mines type UIK-GLS150-A is intended to work in underground workings of mining plants exposed to methane and coal dust explosion hazard.

This device is a track locomotive with diesel drive designed for horizontal track transport of personnel and material in mines with maximum track inclination of 70 ‰.

The locomotive consists of a body which is a welded construction composed of pre-shaped plates with two independent operator cabins attached to them with screws. The diesel engine of the locomotive with hydrostatic drive transmission is placed on machine body between the operator cabins.

The device is driven by a six cylinder vertical high-pressure engine John Deere type 6068 TFM75 with electronic injector pump, equipped with a separate exhaust gas cooling system (dry). Drive transfer to the gears is realised by means of a hydraulic pump and two Rexroth independent hydraulic motors.

The device is also equipped with an electronic-hydraulic system responsible for equalising rotational speeds of drive axes.

Additionally, a safety system is used in the device which considerably increases safe operation of the device. Its main task is to monitor all parameters of the locomotive operation and their archivization.

Technical characteristics:

Type UiK-GLS150-A
Total length 6000÷6200 mm
Width 1100÷1350 mm
Height 1600÷1650 mm
Weight 13 t÷15,5 t
Axle base 550 - 900 mm
Min. turning radius 12 m
Engine type UiK 6TD150/G2 - E (John Deere 6068 TFM75)
Engine power 150 kW
Maximum pulling force 45 kN
Transmission Hydraulic REXROTH
Maximum speed 18 km/h
Max. carbon monoxide (CO) content in exhaust gases 290 ppm
Conformity to directives 2006/42/WE    94/9/WE