Transport systems for mining industry

Locomotive - UiK-SMARTLOC-36


The diesel locomotive UiK-SMARTLOC-36 type is designed according to the Directive 2006/42/EC and 94/9/EC for group I, category M2 and can be operated in underground mines, in non-methane and methane fields, in workings classified to “a”, “b” or “c” category of methane explosion hazard with methane concentration 1.5% and class A or B of coal dust explosion hazard. The locomotive is used to transport personnel, equipment and cargo.

Technical characteristics:

Diesel engine type UIK-JD3029D-Ex
Engine power 36 kW
Exhaust cooling system "Dry" heat exchanger
Type of drive Hydrostatic
Maximum towing power 25 kN ± 5%
Max. speed 18 km/h
Locomotive weight 9000 kg ± 5%
Locomotive width
(depends on wheel track)
1100 mm
(for wheel track 55CH÷750 mm)
1300 mm
(for wheel track 760÷900 mm)
Locomotive height 1600 mm
Locomotive length 5000 mm
Engine part length 2200 mm
Wheel diameter 680 mm
Wheelbase 1250 mm
Wheel track 550 ÷ 900 mm
Minimum track curve radius 8 m
Maximum track slope 70 ‰ (4°)
Average fuel consumption 11 dm3/mtg
Fuel tank capacity 90 dm3
Operating temperature 0 ÷ 40 °C