Powered roof support RZN 08/22 POz/MR

Obudowa zmechanizowana - RZN 08/22 POz/MR Obudowa zmechanizowana - RZN 08/22 POz/MR

Powered roof support RZN-08/22-POz/MR is intended to secure the roof and to guide it in longwall headings driven with roof caving, horizontal and inclined longitudinally up to 35º. Required roof conditions relate to brittle, medium compact and compact direct roofs assigned to categories A, B, C, D. The roof support is intended for longwall headings with heights of 1,0 ÷ 2,0m, while with the application of a superstructure the required height range is 1,4 ÷ 2,4m. The support operates “with a step back” which means that the advance of sets takes place after the moving shearer, securing newly uncovered roof.


Parameter RZN 08/22 POz/MR
Roof support height:
- minimal
- maximal

0,8 m;
2,2 m
Operation range: in non rock bursting seams 1,0 ÷ 2,0 m;
in rock bursting seams 1,1 ÷ 2,0 m
Longwall inclination
- longitudinal
- transverse

up to 35° ;
± 20°
Roof support pitch 1,5 m
Support advance (650), 850 mm
Working bearing capacity of a leg 2   1,3 MN
Working bearing capacity of a support 0,31 ÷ 0,38 MPa
Set displacement force 0,33 MN
Conveyor displacement force 0,18 MN
Supply pressure 30 MPa
Section weight approx. 9990 kg