Powered roof support PIOMA RZN 10/25 Oz


Shield support PIOMA – RZN 10/25 Oz I is intended for guiding and supporting the roof in horizontal and inclined up to 45º coal longwall headings with height 1,5 ± 2,5m driven with the use of a longitudinal face system with full caving, in compact, average compact brittle (cat. A, B, C, D) direct roof conditions.
Roof support section displacement is carried out with the contact between the canopy and roof.
In beds with an inclination over 12º the support works with conveyor stabilization, canopy correction and dip lower section protection units. Roof support PIOMA – RZN 10/25 Oz I works “without the step back”, i.e. directly after the cutting drum. Brittle roof is secured by means of the sliding canopy and at the right distance to a shearer the displacement of the successive roof support sections takes place, followed by the displacement of a face conveyor.


Parameter PIOMA – RZN 10/25 Oz I
Roof support height:
- minimal
- maximal

1,3 m;
2,6 m
Operation range:
- in non rock bursting seams
- in rock bursting seams

1,5 ÷ 2,5 m;
1,6 ÷ 2,5 m
Longwall inclination
- longitudinal
- transverse

to 45°;
± 15°
Roof support pitch 1,5 m
Support advance (650), 800, (1000) mm
Working bearing capacity of a leg 2 x 1,31 MN
Working bearing capacity of a support 0,33 ÷ 0,42 MPa
Set displacement force 0,458 (0,362) MN
Conveyor displacement force 0,207 MN
Force at the end of deflectable canopy 0,176 MN
Sliding canopy feed rate 800 (650) mm
Force at the end of sliding canopy 0,106 MN
Supply pressure 31,5 ÷ 32 Mpa
Section weight 12060 kg