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Mining Battery Locomotive ELECTRA


Mining, battery locomotive ELECTRA was designed in accordance with Directives 2006/42/WE and 2014/34/UE for Group I Category M2 and can operate in mining underground excavations in the conditions of existing hazards. The locomotive is intended for personnel, equipment and other loads transport.

ELECTRA’s batteries can be charged in coal dust and methane hazardous areas, which eliminates the need of batteries reloading arrangement.The charging is implemented using mining contactor switches 500 V. The locomotive is equipped with maintenance free battery as well as in system that allows energy recovery during kinetic braking.

The prototype of ELECTRA locomotive has been manufactured by “Urządzenia i Konstrukcje“ Company in Żory, thanks to the funds – among other things - from National Centre of Research and Development in cooperation with Silesian Technical University.


Wheel’s drive motors power 2x22[kW]
Max speed 5 [m/s]
Locomotive length 5000[mm]
Locomotive height from the rail head 1650[mm]
Locomotive width 1100 ÷ 1250[mm]
Wheel diameter 600[mm]
Wheel track (track width) 550 ÷ 900[mm]
Wheelbase 1200[mm]
Minimum track curve radius 8[m]
Maximum pull force 24[kN] ± 5%
Locomotive weight 12000[kg] ± 3%
Maximum track slope ≤ 4°
Operating temperature -20 ÷ +40 [°C]
Control system electronic
Electrical layout nominal voltage 504 [VDC] / 24 [VDC]
Energy storage voltage 504 [VDC]
Energy storage capacity 190[Ah]
Energy storage batteries’ type acid-lead battery, emission-free, made acc. to VRLA technology
Energy storage charging voltage 500[VAC/DC]
Energy storage charging from any place of the hazardous zone using contactor switch