Beam stage loader PZP UIK 235/750-A


Beam stage loader is used winning haulage from longwalls or open-ends in longitudinally inclined headings by +/- 12 angular degrees. The loader is adapted to work with a belt conveyor with belt width 1000 or 1200 mm, equipped with belt dispenser, as well as with an armoured face conveyor. It is possible to mount a coal lump crusher in the route of the conveyor. Beam stage loader UiK 235/750-A is adapted for flitting as a whole along the distance resulting from the organisational cycle of longwall advance. Reconstruction can be carried out with the use of flitting device UP type UiK 1200/900-A. A sequence of “Eicotrack” ladders is built-in along the route of the conveyor, on which a flitting system of the main conveyor drive works.

Scraper conveyor version for transporting winning from rock and rock-coal dog headings driven with the use of firing technique. This device is intended to be applied in headings in which compliant arch roof supports ŁP 9 and bigger are used. This device is adapted to work with other winning haulage devices, such as dynamic crusher, flitting devices, side pouring loader, drilling car, suspended belt feeder and conveyor belt.


Mean mass output 1000 T/h
Maximum power installed in the conveyor 2x200 kW
Motor 65/200 kW, 1000 V
Maximum conveyor length 200,0 running meters
Size of scraper chain 2xØ30/108 mm
Scraper chain class Chain breaking load Min. 1270 kN
Winning haulage speed 1,17 m/s
Size of gears used „15” acc. to RAGN
Transmission gear ratio 1:33
Height of pan side profile 235 mm
Main pan length 1500 mm
Sliding plate thickness 30 mm
Breaking force of dogbone between segments min. 2450 kN