Flitting device UP UiK 1200/900-A


Flitting device UP UiK 1200/900-A is used for relocating drives of flight face conveyors during the relocation together with face advancement, relocating stage loaders as a whole, as well as to relocate sets of heavy elements and machines (e.g. sets of breaker switches and transformers). Relocating device UP UiK 1200/900-A should be applied in dog headings with longitudinal inclination of ±15°. At inclinations over 25° when sliding down of the system is noticeable during rebuilding it is required to apply an additional stand mounted at the beginning of the last moveable beam. Hydraulic cylinders of the device can be supplied from the pressure main supplying powered roof sections or from a separate pump aggregate permitted for the use in mine underground. The selection of device supply is up to the user and depends on the location condition.


Max. length 4430 [mm]
Max. height 565 [mm]
Max. width 2645 [mm]
Route length (amount of moving beams) 600 [mm]×... (Depends on user needs)
Amount of shifters 2 [pcs.]
Type of shifters Ø160/Ø115  1000[mm]
Max. supply pressure = Max. working pressure 30 [MPa]
Sliding force of a shifter at inclination of 0[°] 1206 [kN]
Sliding back force of a shifter at inclination of 0[°] 582 [kN]
Device pitch 900 [mm]
Max number of strut stands 6 [pcs.]
Type(1) of strut stands Ø160/Ø140  985 [mm]
Type(2) of strut stands Ø160/Ø140  1265 [mm]
Max. supply pressure 30 [MPa]
Max. working pressure 34 [MPa]