Transport systems for mining industry

Fuel trolley UiK-DIESEL-BOX

Wóz paliwowy UiK – DIESEL – BOX

UiK-DIESEL-BOX constitutes a mobile fueling station for refueling of machinery, equipment and combustion engine vehicles (including railways and locomotives) and is intended for transportation and distribution of fuel in the form of Diesel fuel.
Modular solution for classic mining trolleys allows to move the tank, along with service equipment, on a wheel chassis suited for railway transport, or on chain slings and monorail hoists. The tank is additionally equipped with a fuel filter with water separator and fuel flow meter.


Tank capacity 500/800/1100 [dm3]
Maximum length „L1” 2800÷3200 [mm]
Tank length „L2” : 500/800/1100[dm3] 1590/2110/2560 [mm]
Distance between handles „L3" for tank: 500/800/1100 [dm3] 785/1305/1845 [mm]
Maximum height from rail head „H” for wheel diameter: 310/350/375 [mm] 1440/1460/1472,5 [mm]
Width „S1" 900 [mm]
Wheel track „A" (rail width) 550÷1000 [mm]
Axle base „B" 1000÷1200 [mm]
Wheel diameter „D” 310/350/375 [mm]
Minimum radius of the rail curve 8,0 [m]
Maximum speed for the rail transport 3,5 [m/s]
Trolley kerb weight for tank: 500/800/1100[dm3] 1445/1555/1690 [kg]
Max. trolley total weight for tank: 500/800/1100[dm3] 1845/2195/2570 [kg]
Maximum load of the coupling 35 [kN]
Maximum inclination for the rail transport roads
Fueling system for machinery and vehicles No drip (dry switch-off)
Tank fueling system Open filler Ø50 [mm]
Filtration capacity 30 [μm ]
Flow 110 [dm3/min]