Explosion-proof Alternator


Explosion-proof alternator type UIK-AP420 is an electric device used for powering devices, electrical circuits of underground machines in areas with high methane and coal dust explosion risk. The alternator has a built-in diode block and a leading unit sustaining constant voltage.


Parameters UIK-AP420/28V UIK-AP420/24V UIK-AP420/14V
Nominal voltage 28V DC IT 24V DC IT 14V DC IT
Nominal current 15A DC 20A DC 30A DC
Nominal power 480W 420W
Range of permitted rotations per minute 1900÷4500 rpm
Weight ca. 25 kg
Protection rating acc. to PN-EN 60529:2003 IP54
Type of explosion-proof design acc. to PN-EN 60079-0:2009, PN-EN 60079-1:2008 IM2 Ex d I
Dimensions (length×diameter) 389x175 mm
Ambient temperature during operation -20 °C≤Ta≤+60 °C
Relative humidity 95% at temp. +45 °C