Transport systems for mining industry

Platform car UiK WP-A


The UiK WP-A platform car is designed for transport of mining materials, particularly of mine roadway supports. There is a possibility of transporting other objects like pipes, wood, rails and all kinds of steel constructions. The module structure of the car enables transportation of just one part of the car, i.e. the platform with the material placed on it with the use of roof-mounted haulage systems.


Car dimensions LxWxH 3150/800÷1300/1260 [mm]
Platform dimensions LxWxH 2300/800÷1300/850 [mm]
The maximum length of transported element 4000 [mm]
Wheel track 500÷1000 [mm]
Axle base 1000÷1200 [mm]
Wheel diameter 350 or 310 [mm]
Platform carrying capacity 3000 [kg]
Kerb weight 950÷1170 [kg]