Transport systems for mining industry


Kabina - UiK UL Kabina - UiK UL

UiK UL cabin is produced in three main versions: 8-person cabin, 6-person cabin and personnel – sanitary cabin. UiK UL cabin is designed for the transport of personnel and sanitary transport by suspended railways. Personnel is transported in the cabin interior on elastic (fabric) seats or if there is an injured person a stretcher. UiK UL cabin is adapted to be coupled with other subassemblies of the suspended monorail.


Parameter UiK UL-6 UiK UL-8 i UiK UL-S
Cabin length
2500±5[mm] 3395±5[mm]
Cabin length
3165[mm] 3940[mm]
Cabin width
Cabin height
Distance from coupling to rail base
Cabin kerb weight 410-450[kg] 480-550[kg]
Number of carried persons Max. 6 persons x 100 [kg] Max. 8 persons x 100 [kg]
Number of carried persons in emergency transport max. 1 injured person on a stretcher + 2 persons giving first aid
Total carrying capacity max. 6[kN] max. 8[kN]
Maximum track inclination ±30°
Maximum driving speed governed by superior regulations
Minimum curve radius in horizontal plane 4 [m]
in vertical plane 8 [m]
Running rail profile I155 (I140E) or other of approved type
Temperature range -10 do +40 [°C]