Powered roof support UiK/BW 23/36-POz


Powered roof support UiK/BW 23/36-POz with a uniform rigid canopy is intended for roof supporting in longwall headings with all types of roofs with roof caving. It is especially intended for shortwall open-end headings with roof caving. This roof support is compatible with scraper conveyors and coal shearers.
Roof support UiK/BW 23/36-POz – linear section works in a system “with one step back”, i.e. directly behind the shearer, the roof is secured by pushing the section near the conveyor followed by moving the conveyor close to the side wall. Roof support UiK/BW 23/36 - POz/S – the outermost section works in a system “without the step back”, i.e. directly after the shearer, the roof is secured by sliding out the sliding canopy. In the next step the powered roof support section approaches the side wall with simultaneous retraction of the sliding canopy.



Linear section UiK/BW 23/36-POz

Outemost section UiK/BW 23/36-POz/S

Section height - minimal 2,3 m
Section height – maximal 3,6
Range of operation in non rock bursting seams 2,5÷3,5 m
Range of operation in rock bursting seams 2,6÷3,5 m
Section pitch 1,5 m
Seam longitudinal inclination 10°
Transverse inclination ±10°
Number of legs in a section 4 pcs.
Preliminary bearing capacity of a leg 502 kN
Working bearing capacity of a leg 603 kN
Bearing capacity of a roof support (w/o head track) 0,40 ÷ 0,42 MPa

0,41 ÷ 0,43 Mpa

(without the sliding canopy)

Average pressure exerted on the roof 0,99 ÷ 1,04 MPa
1,02 ÷ 1,07 Mpa (Max.)
Supply pressure 25 MPa
Working pressure 30 MPa
Support advance 650 mm
Section displacement force 357 kN
Conveyor displacement force 161 kN
Hydraulic fluid Acc. to PN-C-96047
Section weight 9 860 kg
10 660 kg