Armoured face conveyor type PZS UiK 235/750–A


Armoured face conveyor type PZS UiK 235/750–A is used for winning haulage from longwalls or open-ends in headings longitudinally inclined by +/- 12 angular degrees and transversely inclined by +/- 10 angular degrees. It is adapted to work with every coal shearer with “Eicotrack” chainless haulage system.


Mean mass output 850 T/h
Maximum power installed in the conveyor 400 kW
Motor 65/200 kW, 1000 V
Maximum conveyor length 150,0 mb
Size of flight chain 2 x Ø30/108 mm
Chain breaking load Min. 1270 kN
Output transport speed 0,99 m/s
Size of used transmissions „15” wg RAGN
Transmissions gear ratio 1:39
Type of pouring drive Simple (frontal)
Troughway construction Troughway with closed segmental construction
Height of trough side profile 235 mm
Trough width 750 mm
Main trough length 1500 mm
Sliding sheet metal thickness (HARDOX-400)
Floor sheet metal thickness 20 mm
Strength of connector (Rr) between rout segments min. 2450 kN
Max. longitudinal inclination of a heading +/- 12 angular degrees
Max. transverse inclination of a heading +/- 10 angular degrees