Flitting device UPPS UiK 367/1000-A


Flitting device for the face conveyor UPPS type UiK 367/1000 – A is the integral equipment of any face conveyor. The device is intended for constant, following-up relocation of the face conveyor drive at the section from the returning station to the crusher tunnel. On this section special segments of the relocating system are located, equipped with Eicotrack haulage system, which create a forced guidance for the relocating system. The device is built of a pair of sliders working along the Eicotrack route and joined together by the relocating cylinder.


Amount of shifters 1 [pcs.]
Type of shifters Ø160/Ø100x1000[mm]
Control of pawls Hydraulic
Max. supply pressure = Max. working pressure 30 [MPa]
Pulling force 367 kN