Transport systems for mining industry

Hydraulic transport beam MEGALIFT

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Hydraulic transport beam MEGALIFT is a device for lifting, manipulating and transporting loads on a single track suspended railway of profile I155 in horizontal plane and at inclination up to 30°. As a traction means and the source of oil pressure, it is recommended to use suspended locomotive of approved type.

Hydraulic transport beam MEGALIFT can be applied in underground workings of non-methane and methane mining plants qualified to “a”, “b” or “c” level of methane explosion hazard and class “A” or “B” of coal dust explosion hazard.

Hydraulic transport beam MEGALIFT consists of two transporting units connected with a connecting rod. Its construction consists of a frame (body) that is equipped with hydraulic actuator with hydraulic lock and choke valve for releasing. The frame is suspended on carrying trolley with the use of special carrier. Lifting chains are put into motion by simple chain transmission with loose shifting chain wheel. One end of the chain is anchored to the carrier and the other movable end can be connected to a cross-bar equipped with holes for fixing connecting rods with hooks for lifting loads. Both transporting devices are controlled using a distributor located on a link between MEGALIFT beam and the traction unit of the set.


Max. hoisting capacity 320[kN] (2x160 [kN])
Max length 8.35[m]
Transporting hooks spacing 4,31[m]
Height (min/max) 0,6[m]/on request
Width (min/max) 0,54/1,8[m]
Maximum kerb weight 3700[kg]
Maximum hoisting capacity 2x160[kN]
Hoisting height 1,6[m]
Maximum pulling force on the connecting rod and coupling 120,0[kN]
Admissible use at track inclination 30[°]
Minimum track curvature radius during driving in the plane:
• horizontal
• vertical

Maximum driving speed 2,5[m/s]
Driving rail profile l155 (l140)
Hoisting drive Hydrostatic
Type of medium Hydraulic oil
Demand for operating medium at max hoisting speed 50,0[dm³]/min
Maximum operating pressure (safety valve setting on the distributor controlling cassette) 16,0[MPa]
Hoisting time to height 1 [m] 60[s] przy 20[dm³/min]
Working temperature -10 do +40 [°C]