Scraper conveyor for preparatory works type ZPP-180P/S-UiK



Scraper conveyor for preparatory works type ZPP-180 P/S-UiK is used for winning haulage from coal faces, rock and coal and rock headings driven with the use of a roadheader or shot firing technique. Depending on the installed power, the device can be made in a light or heavy version. The conveyor can be used in of methane and non-methane underground mining plants, as well as in workings classified as exposed to coal dust explosion hazard. The conveyor is manufactured according to the requirements of a user in a stationary or suspended version.


Mean mass output 1000 T/h
Maximum power installed in the conveyor 2x200kW
Motor 65/200kW, 1000 V
Maximum conveyor length 200 running meters
Size of scraper chain 2xØ30x108 mm
Scraper chain class Chain breaking load Min. 1270 kN
Winning haulage speed 1.17 m/s
Size of gears used „15” acc. to RAGN
Gear ratio 1:33
Height of pan side profile 235 mm
Pan width 750 mm
Basic pan length 1500 mm
Sliding plate thickness 30 mm
Breaking force of joints between pans min. 2450 kN