Diesel pumping engine UiK-PAS-36

Pompowy Agregat Spalinowy

Diesel pumping engine UiK-PAS-36 is used to transport fluids between tanks. Its basic task is to dewater flooded mine headings. The design of the diesel pumping engine is approved to operate in underground mining plants, in non-methane and methane workings qualified to “a”, “b” or “c” level of methane explosion hazard and class “A” or “B” of coal dust explosion hazard. Diesel pumping engine UiK-PAS-36 meets the essential requirements health and safety according to the EU Directive 2006/42/EC, 94/9/EC and harmonized standards.


Length 2300 [mm]
Height 1350 [mm]
Width 900 [mm]
Gross weight 2200 [kg]
Pomp type self priming
Pumped medium contaminated water
Max. diameter of solids in the medium 45 [mm]
Delivery Q 50 ÷ 180 [m2/h]
Pump head H 40 ÷ 26 [m]
Net positive suction head NPSH 5[m]
Suction and pumping line connector Fire brigade's connector „STORZ" 110
Type of installed Diesel engine Engine UiK-JD3029D-Ex
Engine power 36 [kW]
Rated rotational speed 1800 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 80 [dm3]
Working temperature 0 ÷ 40 [°C]
Rated voltage of the electric installation 24 [V]