Suspended platform manipulator UiK MAN 680L-A


Suspended platform manipulator UiK MAN 680L-A is intended to carry out works connected with installation, disassembly and repairs of suspended railway driving tracks in mining headings with “a”, “b” and “c” level of methane explosion risk and class “A” or “B” of coal dust explosion risk. It is adapted to work with a manoeuvring device of any type, such as: diesel locomotive, manoeuvre car, self-locking relocating device of shifting type, as well as any other device of this type permitted for the use in mine undergrounds.


Lifting capacity 680 kg
Dip inclination working range -20°/+10°
Lifting mechanism Chain hoist
Track length necessary for assembly 5080 mm
Min./max. height 1225/3305 mm
Hoist type hydraulic or pneumatic
Total weight 2835 kg