Transport systems for mining industry

Oil and fuel car UiK WOP–A

Wóz olejowo – paliwowy UiK WOP – A

UiK WOP-A oil and fuel car is designed to transport liquid materials, in particular diesel oil for monorails and floor mounted railways, diesel locomotives of underground railways, and mineral and synthetic oils for mining devices and equipment. Modular solutions enable a part of the car i.e. UiK WOP-A oil and fuel platform with tanks, service baskets and additional equipment to be mounted on a wheel chassis suited for rail transport, or by suspension with chain slings and monorail hoists.


Tank capacity 200[dm3] or 2x200 [dm3] or 600[dm3]
Dimensions LxWxH 3150/820/1600 [mm]
Distance between stanchions 2160 [mm]
Distance between chassis and rail head min.170 [mm]
Wheel track (track width) 500-1000 [mm]
Axle base 1000-1200 [mm]
Road wheel diameter 310-375 [mm]
Minimum radius of the rail curve 8[m]
Kerb weight 985-1150 [kg]
Maximum total weight (full 600 dm3 tank, additional equipment set) 1475-1870 [kg]
Coupling Amortised
Maximum load of the coupling 35 [kN]